“Our restaurant group has grown immensely since we started using SCPR for both Public Relations and Social Media. Samantha has been hands on working with both the managers and ownership. She is always available when we need her!” -Chris Lefbom, Co-owner of Vintage Restaurant Group, LLC

“It was an absolute delight working with SCPR as they are highly communicative and contribute genius ideas. Their willingness to to go the extra mile made all the difference.” -Micheline Mendelsohn, Chief Marketing Officer at Sunnyside Restaurant Group (“Top Chef” Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery, Santa Rosa Taqueria and We, The Pizza)

I've worked with Samantha on myriad editorial projects and she'salways proven to be efficient, smart and helpful. And if you workwith as many PR people as I do every day, you know that that's a lot!” -Jacky Runice, Columnist at USA Today

“Samantha is highly creative, very organized and an excellent communicator…she totally exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Samantha to any organization.” -David Morton, Co-owner of DMK Restaurant Group (DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, Ada St. County BBQ, Rec Room, Marshall’s Landing, Werewolf Coffee, Fort Willow, Henry’s, The Fort)

I’ve been a food blogger in Chicago for five years and have worked with SCPR for four of them. I’ve always appreciated that Samantha got to personally know me before working with me and has always been approachable. SCPR is an industry expert and through them I have had varied opportunities from reviewing restaurants to attending relevant events. I love working with a firm like theirs that knows what they’re doing, but is also are fun to work with.” -Pooja Naik, Food Writer/Editor of The Chicago Pescetarian